Solana Hit 19-Month Highs as Bitcoin Rally Halts with Traders Fearing 'Bull Trap'.

BitMex founder Arthur Hayes speculated about SOL hitting near $100 in a bullish weekend for altcoins.

Solana rallied to new 2023 highs as bitcoin dipped to $43,000.

Bitcoin traders fear "bull trap," growing fear could propel BTC towards $50,000, Santiment said. 

Solana (SOL) jumped over 8% to $69, the highest since May 2022, following a three-week cool-off since its mid-November local top.

Who is ready for a weekend alt szn green doji piss up? Can we send $SOL over $100? 

The growing disbelief could actually help propel BTC further toward $50,000, Santiment said, squeezing shorts who are betting on lower prices.