Bitcoin Price Predicted to Exceed $77,000 This Year: Finder Panel

Bitcoin’s price is expected to rise to US$77,423 by year-end 2024, according to the average prediction from Finder’s panelists.

Bitcoin predictions for 2024 range from six figures to a dip below $40,000, with bullish and bearish panelists offering contrasting views.

Panelists foresee Bitcoin reaching $122,688 by 2025 and $366,935 by 2030.

Most panelists (57.5%) suggest it's a good time to buy Bitcoin, 37.5% recommend holding, and only 5% suggest selling.

The panel comprised experts from Okx, FV Bank, Bitget, Etoro, and other prominent entities, offering diverse perspectives on Bitcoin. Key participants included C-suite executives, academic professionals, and industry leaders. 

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